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What to Do If the Oven Catches Fire

12/16/2019 (Permalink)

Watch your Food as it Cooks

It is very important to always monitor the food as you cook. Unattended cooking food in the oven is more likely to cause an unwanted house fire. 

The Oven is on Fire. What do you do??

  1. If you do not have a fire extinguisher, leave the oven door closed.
  2. Turn off the oven and allow the fire to burn out on its own.
  3. If it does not go out or worsens, open windows and call 911.
  4. If it does go out, open your windows.
  5. Carefully open the oven door and remove any items that are burned. It will be smoky so be careful.
  6. Allow the smoke to clear before examining the area to determine the cause of the fire.

Be Aware of Oven Fire Risks

12/4/2019 (Permalink)

The most common source for house fires is in the kitchen. Oven fires are very scary, but with preparation and proper care, they are easily prevented and contained. 

There are several different reasons oven fires can occur.

  • Food scraps or other items residing in the bottom of your oven can lead to a fire.
  • Forgetting something in the oven can also lead to burned food, lots of smoke and in some instances, a fire.
  • Grease can splatter and cause a flame
  • The batter from food in the oven can overflow and cause a fire.
  • Some people have reported fires starting when the self-cleaning feature is turned on.

Preventative Steps to Take

  • Make sure the oven is clean before use
  • Do not leave cooking food unattended
  • When making cakes and pastries, place a slightly larger baking tray underneath your baking pan or cupcake tin
  • Put a cover on food that might splatter. When roasting, carefully drain some of the hot grease by removing the pan from the oven every half-hour or so.
  • Get your oven checked out by a professional to make sure it is working properly.

Thanksgiving Day

11/21/2019 (Permalink)

Did you know that Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for fire departments when it comes to home fires involving cooking equipment? With more home cooks cooking larger meals than they are probably used to, the number of home fires involving cooking equipment spikes to nearly 4 times the daily average on Thanksgiving! Whether you plan to be in charge of the kitchen or are just helping out, be sure to follow these important safety tips when preparing this year's Thanksgiving feast!

  • Start your Thanksgiving with a clean stove and oven! The weekend before Thanksgiving, remove any food or grease buildup from burners, stove tops, and the oven. 
  • Always stay in the kitchen when you are cooking on the stove top. While items in the oven may not require as attentive an eye, food on the stove top should have constant monitoring in case of spillage or splatter. 
  • Stay in the home while cooking the turkey. You don't need to set up camp and keep a constant eye on the turkey once it's in the oven, but you should stay inside and check on it frequently. The last thing you want is a burnt turkey that sets your kitchen on fire!
  • Keep a flame-resistant oven mitt, potholder, or lid near your cooking space so that you can smother any flames before they get out of control.
  • Should an oven fire occur, turn off the heat and keep the door closed. This should allow the fire to burn out on its own. Once the fire has gone out, open your windows before carefully opening the oven door to release the smoke.  
  • Make sure your home has working smoke alarms and that your family knows the fire escape route in the event of a fire. Remember to always plan TWO WAYS OUT of every room. 
  • Avoid using turkey fryers, but if you must, make sure to follow the fryer's instructions. Also be sure to completely thaw the turkey before frying and always fry outside at a safe distance from the home. 

Stay safe this holiday season! Should your home experience any fire damage, be sure to call SERVPRO of Jefferson, Franklin, & Perry Counties  to make that fire "Like it never even happened." 

Cold Weather is Almost here!

10/24/2019 (Permalink)

Three SERVPRO Vehicles in front of Trees SERVPRO of Jefferson, Franklin, & Perry Counties is "ready for any sized disaster."

As you go to turn on your furnace for the first time, don't just turn it on and leave the house with full trust in your furnace. It is important to ensure your home is safe. with a well-maintained furnace. It is best practice to take the following steps before you start running the heat: 1. Is there a smell? When turning on your furnace on for the first time since last winter, you may smell a burning smell. This is usually from dust that settled in over the summer. This is not uncommon, but if the smell lingers for over two hours, or a fire has resulted, calls for help immediately.  2. What is the current carbon monoxide detector reading? If you don’t have a carbon dioxide detector in your home or business already, it is important to get one and have it ready in your home. After turning on your furnace for the first time, if the alarm goes off, take protective measures by opening the windows and getting out of the house if they are too high. 3. Is the furnace making any unusual noises? If your furnace makes unusual noises when turning it on for the first time, find the root of the problem and get it fixed to help prevent a fire in your home or business. Be safe and stay warm!

October Means HALLOWEEN!

10/4/2019 (Permalink)

Halloween is for costumes, candy and fun! No one wants their fun to be spoiled by a fire! SERVPRO of Jefferson, Franklin, & Perry Counties wants everyone to have a fun and safe time this Halloween! We have a list of safety tips below provided by the National Fire Prevention Association.

  • Candles - Refrain from having an open flame. Use battery-operated candles or glow-sticks in your jack-o-lanterns.
  • Costumes - Choose the right costume. Stay away from long or flowing fabric, and skip extraneous costume pieces.
  • Decorations - Avoid flammable decorations including dried flowers, cornstalks and crepe paper that are highly flammable. Keep decorations away from open flames and other heat sources, including light bulbs and heaters.
  • Exits - Remember to keep all decorations away from doors so that they are not blocking any exits or escape routes.
  • Smoke alarms - Make sure all your smoke alarms are working and up to date.
  • Visibility - Provide flashlights to children or have them carry glow sticks as part of their costumes. Make sure if a child is wearing a mask that the eye holes are large enough to see out of them.

 SERVPRO of Jefferson, Franklin, & Perry Counties wishes everyone a fun and safe Halloween!

Fire Damage?

10/1/2019 (Permalink)

Have you had a fire damage recently? We are always busy with water emergencies, but fire damages have been happening in our area much more than they used to. We are often receiving phone calls from home owners who have recently had a fire.

Imagine experiencing a fire in your home. The thought alone is devastating. But when you imagine living's not something you would wish on anyone. For us, we want to be that phone call of hope on the other line. "Yes, we can help you. We are sorry that you are experiencing this, but we are going to help you through this tragedy hand in hand." 

Our team is trained and ready to clean up whatever size fire you have. We are ready to serve you. We are ready to listen and communicate. We are ready to provide you, your family, your home, and your items with the utmost respect.